About Promass

Promass Assembly Systems B.V. is one of the leading providers of PCB Coating Technology, Powerfull Point Soldering Modules, Laser Marking Systems, Board Handling for PCB and Assembly Lines.

The key to Promass’ international succes is a combination of engineering expertise and a total commitment to customer needs. At Promass, we utilise our strong technical background as well as project management to ensure that we deliver the best solutions to our clients.

Promass Assembly Systems B.V. provides solutions for industries which require intelligent transport and handling. Promass Assembly Systems B.V. is an integrated engineering company that supports industries with a wealth of experience in the design of production facilities and manufacturing equipment. Promass’ innovative and intelligent solutions have given the company an excellent position in the market.

Promass was founded by Mr. Johannes Wijbenga in Amsterdam in 1989. From the very beginning, the company focused on project engineering and project management for logistics solutions, particularly manufacturing logistics, assembly lines and dispatch systems.

The first project
Promass’ first project was the design and engineering of a book sorting system that was able to sort 80,000 books, that had to be shipped to 1,200 customers on a daily basis. This project was finalized in 1991 after the subsequent completion of multiple development stages.

In 1997, Promass took over the PCB (printed circuit board) transport and handling systems product portfolio of NMA, a subsidiary of the Philips Corporation.
The purchase of the rights to NMA’s PCB transport systems was also the company’s entry into the world of production. The first project here was an assembly system for mobile telephones for Philips in Le Mans, France. This project included the supply of 30 assembly lines that been developed together with Philips.
Originally, Promass concentrated on the electronics industry, but gradually it branched out into other industries, such as automotive, pharmaceutical and food – basically any industry that requires intelligent transport and handling.
The company’s philosophy is based on a strong technological background coupled with personal project management. Promass always accompanies the entire project – even with standard products. It develops solutions together with its customer:

Promass as a company excells in its flexibility:

‘The key to PROMASS’ international success is a combination of engineering expertise and a total commitment to customer needs.’